1. Please leave all buildings and grounds clean and ready for use by the next group.
    2. Parents and adults must supervise children at all times.
    3. No illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms, or fireworks are allowed at Camp Joy.
    4. Indemnification: Groups and individuals shall indemnify and hold Camp Joy harmless against any and all liability imposed or claimed, including attorney’s fees and other legal expenses arising directly or indirectly from any act or failure of group or group’s assistants, employees or agents, including claims relating to injury or death of any person or damage to property. 
    5. Groups that have not rented the church should not cross over the road to the church grounds. Those that have rented the church please use the ramp at the back of the church. DO NOT use steps.
    6. Use of the river is at your own risk.
    7. Groups are responsible for their pets while on the camp property. Any damage caused by pets to Camp JOY facilities or property will be assumed by the group causing the damage.
    8. Ground rules can be found in the lodge and on our website at 
    9. Groups must provide the final number of people for insurance on the day of rental and the fee must be paid before the group may use the facility.